Excursions by sea in the north of Sardinia

Adventures in boats, ferries or dinghies

The clear and irresistible marine waters will be the mirror for your adventures by sea: whether you decide to take a ferry, or rent a dinghy, here you can enjoy truly special experiences every day!

Visit la Maddalena

An area with an invaluable natural heritage: the island of La Maddalena.
You will fall in love with its landscapes, which are part of a terrestrial and marine protected area. An island where history has left its mark: did you know that Garibaldi’s house museum is located on this island? You can reach it by ferry from Palau.

A day in France : Visit Corsica

Did you know you could be broad in less than an hour? From Santa Teresa di Gallura you can actually reach the town of Bonifacio by ferry, which is part of Corsica. Visit the medieval citadel on the cliff, and see the highest bastion in France: the Bastion of the Standard!

Endless nature on Isola degli Spargi and Isola Budelli

Directly at Porto Pozzo, you can rent dinghies and boats, with or without licenses, or even organised excursions to nearby islands.
Unmissable Isola degli Spargi and Isola Budelli, which are part of the archipelago of La Maddalena.