A millenary land to be discovered

Cultural activities in Sardinia

The history of Sardinia has its roots in very distant times: the first remains are dated as far back as 6000-4000 BC! Here you can find dolmen, and the famous nuraghi, as well as Roman, Punic and Byzantine remains. An open-air museum to be explored.

Lu Brandali archaelogical site

Lu Brandali in Santa Teresa di Gallura is an enchanting archaeological site where you can admire the succession of historical events: from the Nuragic era, up to the Roman era. Don’t miss the corresponding educational centre, where interactive exhibitions are often held.

Batteria Ferrero

At Punta Falcone you can find the so-called Batteria Ferrero: a set of war posts, barracks and trenches used during the Second World War.
A sad page in our history to remember, and keep as a warning for the future.

Monte Altura Fortress

Near Palau stands the Fortress of Monte Altura: a real fortified citadel built at the end of the 19th century, as an outpost for the protection of national borders of the then Kingdom of Italy. In order to better understand the tragic, albeit fascinating events that took place in this location, we recommend booking a guide on site.